An effective workplace safety program is like putting together a puzzle. It requires many different pieces.

These include a commitment from management, input from the various company departments, buy-in from all employees, and leadership from a strong safety manager or safety committee.

As we assist companies with the development of their workplace safety program, our aim is to provide a foundation based on the above factors that will allow our clients to take an active role in the safety of their employees. Being compliant with all regulatory standards is important, but a strong safety program entails more.

A strong workplace safety program is developed through a culture that is created over time. It requires dedication from all levels of the firm—not just when it is convenient.

  • The program starts with solid safety policies and consistent training to keep everyone on the same page.
  • It then continues with annual reviews of each piece of the program because all situations are fluid.
  • Finally, safety becomes an emphasis of importance as all involved provide input.

Studies show that a company with a strong workplace safety program have fewer lost days of work, higher employee retention and improved worker efficiency. All of this leads to lower costs and higher profits. This is a win-win workplace environment for everyone.

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