IH Monitoring

EHS Documents, Inc, specializes in industrial hygiene monitoring (IH monitoring), a process of evaluating and documenting employee potential exposures to biological, chemical and physical hazards.

dust samplingCombustible Dust Sampling

EHS Documents can provide dust sampling for your facility to determine combustibility.

airAir Monitoring

EHS Documents develops customized air monitoring strategies to evaluate human health exposure to a variety of contaminants. Our company uses experienced professionals and state of the art equipment to collect accurate and defensible data. Our professionals will then interpret the data and design solutions based on the specific parameters of the contaminant and process.

The most common types of air monitoring we conduct are:

  • Crystalline Silica Monitoring
  • Silica
  • Heavy Metals
  • Volatile Organics
  • Process Specific Contaminants
  • Total Dust
  • Respirable Dust

noise2Noise Monitoring

EHS Documents conducts sound level survey’s at industrial facilities and construction sites in order to determine which areas require high noise signage and implementation of a hearing conservation program. After collection of sound level data, information is annotated on a floor plan map.

Noise dosimetry is conducted in areas with high sound levels in order to document actual employee exposure and determine which high sound levels in order to document actual employee exposure and determine which employees require inclusion into a hearing conservation program as required by 29 CFR 1910.95.

indoor-airIndoor Air-Quality

EHS Documents has conducted a large number of indoor air quality evaluations for both residential and commercial environments. We conduct evaluations for mold and other allergens, chemicals, odors, comfort indices, and ventilation system assessments. Our system of conducting these evaluations include:

  • A visual inspection of the building or residence.
  • Review of the indoor air quality concern.
  • Review of the ventilation associated with the affected areas.
  • Collection of air samples as appropriate.
  • Collection of IAQ parameter data.
  • Development of remediation plans for removal of the contaminate.
  • Follow up visual inspection and post remediation sampling.
  • Development of a final report for the project.

real-timeReal Time Monitoring

EHS Documents conducts real time monitoring for a variety of contaminants. We do confined space entry monitoring using a four gas meter.  EHS conducts hydrogen sulfde monitoring using real time hydrogen sulfide detection equipment. Other examples of real time include mercury, electromagnetic field, light monitoring, and vibration testing.

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