A Hazardous Material Inventory Statement, or HMIS, is a document required of businesses by local fire departments to assist in understanding the different chemicals on site as well as the amounts and location within the facility of these chemicals.

While quantity limits are generally the same regardless of location, municipalities vary widely on their HMIS compliance requirements. The city and county of Denver, for instance, has a very strict policy and a comprehensive HMIS format to follow. Other areas tend to be more relaxed and lenient. These differences may be dependent on the size and manpower of local fire departments.

There are three submittals usually required for HMIS compliance. They include:

  • a chemical inventory report,
  • a hazardous materials management plan or HMMP,
  • and a facilities graphics map.

The chemical inventory report is a list of all hazardous chemicals a business has located on site, their amounts and where within the facility they are located. An HMMP is a document that outlines how the company will manage and store the chemicals on site and what the plan is in case of a catastrophic event. The graphics map is just as it sounds. It is a drawing of the facility in grid form that ties in with the chemical inventory report as to location of individual chemicals.

Completing these forms can be difficult and tedious, especially when there are so many conflicting priorities in a business. Often times it is beneficial to obtain outside assistance, especially if this isn’t an area that has been addressed previously. At EHS Documents, Inc. we have had great success with assisting companies with any part or all of the requirements. As with any of your safety needs, let us know how we can help.

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