How does your company keep its workplace safety program fresh, consistent and current?

Would you like to offer your employees quick ideas on various safety topics?

In our work providing health and safety support to a wide variety of companies, we have found that Monthly Workplace Safety Talks can be a successful tool.

We have also developed a library of safety documents called “Safety Bugles”.  Safety Bugles are short overviews on a wide variety of topics ranging from Back Safety to Workplace Violence and everything in between.

EHS Documents is dedicated to improving workplace safety. We want employers to have materials available to assist them in keeping their personnel safe and informed.

We have now made our Safety Bugle” documents available for free on our website. Please take a look at the various safety articles and download any that you find beneficial.

If you would like EHS Documents to provide a Workplace Safety Talk for your company, please contact us. And we would love to hear any ideas, suggestions or questions you may have.

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