In November, OSHA issued a final rule that modifies the general industry standards on walking-working surfaces. These updates have been made to the Walking-Working Surfaces Rule in order to reduce injuries and fatalities related to slips, trips, falls and other walking-working surface incidents in the workplace.

As is usually the case, protecting employees is the primary emphasis of the rule. In addition, the changes will create consistency between the construction and general industry standards. It will also provide for flexibility and easier compliance for employers. The rule becomes final January 17, 2017 with compliance required within 60 days.

EHS Documents, Inc. develops health and safety programs for companies in a wide variety of industries. Our programs include policies such as Walking-Working Surface Safety that are created to both inform/protect personnel and be in compliance with regulatory standards. Our team of qualified technicians is led by a Certified Industrial Hygienist/Certified Safety Professional that is experienced with working with OSHA in a variety of ways. We are available for questions at your convenience.

Here is the link to full details of the Walking-Working Surfaces Rule.

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